Reah Application

Should you come across a Deaf person, whether at a bus stop, counter or at work? With REAH, you can simply search for the words you want to sign and start the conversation. Download the app and learn your first Sign Language sign.

About Reah

REAH-C9 South African Sign Language Interpreter Wearable Glasses

REAH platform includes four functionalities :

  • Lessons to learn South African Sign Language (SASL)

    • REAH platform provides the users with SASL general words
    • Learn Sign Language through text, video, voice and sign.
    • Learn words for a specific industry, e.g. ICT, finance, logistics

  • Search for South African Sign Language videos

    • REAH application provides users with sign language videos.
    • Users learn South African Sign Language through the use videos (text, sign name, voice).

  • Find a digital Sign Language Interpreter

    Struggling to find a Sign Language Interpreter for your event, business meetings, interviews, public services delivery or court proceedings? The REAH platform helps you to find the Sign Language Interpreter at an affordable rate and your nearest location. To find the interpreter, user have to opens the REAH >> you go to “find the interpreter” feature, then the feature will take you through the map, which you as a user you will have to book a person for interpreting based on your project details. The platform will connect you with available interpreters and shows their rates estimates. The interpreter will accept your request >> make the payment via EFT>> and the service shall be delivered to you.

  • Instantly connect with Sign Language Interpreter via a video call.

    Want to urgently chat to a Deaf person, but you don’t know how to sign? • Quickly download REAH, • Go to the feature “live interpretation” • start a live Sign Language interpretation through a video chat for you up to 5 minutes for FREE, from Monday to Friday 8:30am to 16:00pm.

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