Since we launched REAH version 1 in June 2019, our technical and business team has been working on the new features by advancing Research and Development (R&D) to develop a novel solution built for South African Sign Language (SASL) interpretation services.

In September, South African Government launched the Sign Language Charter. Heeding the call of the charter to compel all government departments, as well as the private sector to make provisions for SASL interpreting and guarantees access to services for Deaf persons in hospitals, banks, taxi ranks, etc.

About REAH-C9 wearable technology interpreter solution

The team believes that the REAH-C9 wearable technology interpreter solution is designed to instantly connect with the Sign Language interpreter to seamlessly facilitate the communication between the Deaf person, public and private service provider or representative. It is called ‘REAH’, derived from ‘hear’ written backwards. Should you come across a Deaf person, whether at a bus stop, counter or at work, with REAH, you can simply connect to a live sign language interpreter and start the conversation with the Deaf person.

Future Coding is excited to be planning the wearable technology launch in September 2020, where the focus will be on REAH-C9 interpreter solution that offers equitable access to government and private sectors services by instantly providing sign language interpretation services.

How does it work

  • 1. Install REAH-C9 to client and interpreter devices.

  • 2. Provide a wearable solution for clients to capture Deaf individuals when they are signing.

  • 3. Make available a panel of sign language interpreters-managed by REAH.

    These interpreters will remotely provide live interpretation through REAH technology, thus reduction the cost of interpreters.

  • 4. Connect the client with available interpreters using “live interpretation”.

    REAH will remotely connect clients with available interpreters using “live interpretation” to enable communication with the Deaf individual.

Q & A

  1. What does C9 stand for?
    • The world has entered into a period of the new normal which has brought a set of new challenges that need to be overcome. During Covid-19 this application came to life as means to help the Deaf community, hence we adopted ‘c’ from communication and ‘9’ from 19.
  2. Who can use the Application?
    • This application was created for the hearing and non-hearing in order to improve their communication skills.
  3. How does this Application solve/bridge the communication gap?
    • REAH will remotely connect clients with available interpreters using “live interpretation” to enable communication with the Deaf individual.
  4. Why does the Application exist?
    • Built for South African sign Language (SASL) Interpreters to bridge the communication barrier between hearing and non-hearing people, anywhere and anytime.
  5. Where can I download the Application?
    • REAH interpreter is currently only available on android while our team is preparing to launch it on IOS.

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